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Nava Mau

Writer, Director,
Cast Member


Nava Mau is an emerging filmmaker, writer, and actress from Mexico City and San Antonio, Texas. As a student, she gained writing and production experience with live sketch comedy shows and Drawing the Shades, a play about survivors of sexual assault. Nava then joined Peacock Rebellion’s Brouhaha comedy program for queer and trans people of color for two years in a row in Oakland, California. In 2016, she was a co-producer and co-host, and she worked as a coach and featured artist in 2017. She was recently selected as the G&E Fellow on the set of the Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen documentary, and serves as a producer on Lovebites, a short film in pre-production. Nava wrote, produced, directed, and stars in Waking Hour.

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Chloe Webster



Chloe Webster has written, produced, edited, and directed several short films using both 16mm and digital formats.  She graduated from Pomona College with a double major in Media Studies and French. She then worked in the independent film financing and sales department of a leading talent agency in Los Angeles, where she collaborated with independent producers, financiers, and distribution companies.  Currently, Chloe works in development at an Oscar-nominated director’s production company with an exclusive deal at Fox Studios.


Aja Pop

Director of Photography


Aja Pop is a 1st generation American cinematographer in the Bay Area. Through her career she’s worked behind the camera for companies like Pixar and talent including Harmony Santana, D’Lo, Cheryl Dunye, and Paul Thomas from Good Charlotte.

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Sowj Kudva



Sowj Kudva has been working in video production for 13 years; they write, produce, direct, shoot, and/or edit for corporate clients, non­profits, independent filmmakers, and their own passion projects. Previously, they worked as the Senior Producer/Editor at ITVS. Sowj also worked as the Senior Producer for WIRED, where they ran the video department—managing an in­-house team and a personal network of freelancers.

Sowj worked their way up through post-production in the television broadcast world, starting off as a transcriber and eventually working as an editor, both online and offline. Editing remains their first love and has informed their creative process with every other aspect of production, especially writing and directing. Over Sowj’s career, their work has appeared at Sundance, Slamdance, Memphis Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, Cine Noir Film Festival, the first WIRED by Design Conference, on Pitchfork, Spin, MTVU, LOGO, BoingBoing, NBC, VH1, ABC, YouTube Original Programming, the Travel Channel, The Nation, The Atlantic, Salon, Colorlines, Human Rights Campaign, Applied Research Center’s Better Together, and the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association Conference.

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Ali Scott

Production Designer


Ali Scott is an artist living and working in the Bay Area, CA.


Rafael Cabrera

Cast Member


Rafael Cabrera started his path to filmmaking and acting at the age of 13, by writing, acting, and editing his own films with his peers. Growing up, he bounced between New Jersey and New York City which helped him experience the diversity that led him to create more impactful films that reflected his environment. At a young age, he realized the importance of broadening his acting skills in front of an audience, so he pursued theater from middle school through college. After college he attended the New York Film Academy where he concentrated on the art of filmmaking and acting for film. Rafael is constantly trying to push boundaries and make bold character choices with every role he takes on. His passion for acting and directing has led him to be very comfortable with the entire movie-making process from behind the camera and in front of it.


Mandisa Cassell

Cast Member


Mandisa Cassell is a Bay Area native and graduate of Hampton University. An avid volunteer and aspiring Speech Language Pathologist, Mandisa currently works with a global nonprofit, International Child Resource Institute, improving early childcare programs in Alameda County. Waking Hour is her first film appearance.